Women are the key to saving in Developing Countries

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been looking at various issues of development and poverty, specifically women in developing countries. The organization’s Global Development Strategy for Women, for instance, emphasizes, “Men and women are equally vulnerable to disease and malnutrition; they both need health care; both need education; both require food assistance.”

This is true, but it is not necessarily the case that men can be trusted to provide women with all that they require. While women often do have problems which may be easily solved, many issues are not so easy to solve for men. For instance, while women may be capable of doing things like making a house call or cooking, men sometimes have a hard time doing this. The women might need to ask for some assistance from the husband or a brother to help them out with some of the cooking or making the house calls.

Another example would be that women might need a little help in their reproductive health. Some women, in developing countries, have no access to contraceptives or abortion procedures. But, men sometimes have to work long hours in order to make a living and there are not many jobs that involve a lot of physically demanding tasks.

These are all examples of women’s health care which men could contribute to. In fact, many people in developing countries do not realize that men can help improve their lives in some way. Many men in rural areas may not realize how good they have it, in terms of health and well-being.

Of course, there are many situations where men have a problem with their health which cannot be treated through any means. One such situation is when a person is diagnosed with AIDS. Many men do not believe in the medical system and thus they have the risk of contracting HIV, especially through unsafe sex practices. Even if a person is fortunate enough to get AIDS treatment, he may not live long enough to spread the disease to another person.

Thus, even though women in developing countries might need men to help them make ends meet, it is still important for men to recognize the difficulties that women face. There are many problems which women face which could be helped through men’s contribution. If you want to help women in developing countries, you should consider these points to ensure that your contribution will make a big difference for those who are living in the region.